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Elisabeth Anton

Elisabeth Anton ’89 | Co-Chair

Elisabeth Anton is the Founder and President of the Sherwood Financial Group, which offers a leading-edge approach to financial advisory. She offers a unique blend of financial coaching and investment advice designed to help her clients gain confidence as they learn to make the best financial choices for themselves and their families. Her unflagging commitment to the financial empowerment of her clients, combined with 20 years of experience in the financial industry, gives Elisabeth the knowledge and compassion to make a difference in her client’s lives.
Elisabeth was born into a Cuban/Puerto Rican/Ecuadorian family in the Bronx. She moved to Puerto Rico as a child, and came to Yale College to earn her BA degree in English Lit. She then went to the Wharton business school, where she studied Finance. She started her banking career at Merrill Lynch in London, and continued to work internationally for over 20 years in Equity Research at Credit Suisse in Madrid, and Wealth Management at HSBC in Dubai.
When the pandemic hit, she realized, “Oh my God, the people who are going to get hit the hardest are my people! All those folks who’ve never had the benefit of financial advisory. All those folks who didn’t grow up in families that talked about the stock market at the dinner table.” That’s when she got the idea to open an advisory focused making financial wellness learning available to underserved communities.
When Elisabeth arrived at Yale as a 1st Gen undergraduate, she experienced deep social, economic, academic, and cultural shock. But it was her Boricua/Cubana food that she missed the most, searching the dining halls in vain for her beloved papaya, mango, ropa vieja, and congri. Needing the physical and emotional sustenance of her native foods, Elisabeth learned how to cook. Today, Elisabeth makes a delicious lechon asado con yuca for Christmas every year.
Yale Volunteering
Plan 2 Prosper Financial Planning Series for LatinX at Yale, Director
• Yale Latino Alumni Network, Co-Chair
• Yale Latino Networking Group, Steering Committee
• Working Women’s Network, Steering Committee
• Red Cross at Yale, Campus Director
• Ulysses S Grant program at Dwight Hall, Teacher
• Yale Global Day of Service, Volunteer