The Bas-reliefs above Sterling Library's Entrance

Over the two pairs of entry doors of Sterling Memorial Library are bas-relief sculpture panels displaying the traditions of language and learning across the millennia.

The central panel of the right-hand doors is topped with the Mayan plumed serpent Kukulkan ( just above the Athenian owl, which is derived  from an old Athenian coin.)

To the right, on our site, is a panel of Mayan glyphs, taken from the Temple of the Cross in Palenque, Chiapas. It may convey matters related to the creator of the site three temples, Kan Balam.

 An image, stitched by Nick Allen from three public domain photographs by Carol M. Highsmith, shows the full array  of eight panels: Cro-Magnon, Egyptian, Assyrian, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Chinese and Mayan.

You may note that our designer has moved the Mayan panels to the left, an act of artistic license taken as a  practical concession to the nature of mobile display.

The sculpting was done by René Paul Chambellan working from a design by Lee Lawrie.

Right: the full Mayan panel and its sculptor.