Our Yale Gateway

Register in the Yale Alumni Association’s online directory 

The YAA only knows about alums who sign up in the YAA’s directory. It is a valuable resource for Yale volunteer leaders. We encourage alumni to register with YAA, and keep their info up to date.

YLAN’s public site is supported by a second site, our own custom gateway into Yale's online directory.  You can review and update your personal and Yale information. You can also express interest in subgroups, called Nodes of Engagement.

Through these groups you can identify and contact members of our community.  And, these groups give our volunteer leaders a way to discover and communicate with people who might want to support or create an event or initiative.

If you have already created an account with the Yale Alumni Association, click the “login” button.

If you have not, click “first-time login.”


The Nodes’ page can be found on the home page. 


The Nodes nav-link is under “Networking.” 


The four Nodes are:
► Colleges & Schools
► Career
► Region
► Social

When you click on a node-category word, you will go to that subgroup's page.